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Self Intro

Hello Im 21 yrs old and started reading the Anita Blake series about 1 month ago, I am reading "Lunatic Cafe" at the moment (chapter 10 I believe) and I must say I have fallen in love with the series, and fallen in love once again with vampires. I have always had a weird facination with them, it didnt help that while growing up my fangs had to be reduced (I had very big canines) I wish that had not happened but it was my fathers decison not mine (I was only 10)I used to be porud of them even though they freaked out most of my peers.

Some random facts about me:
I wrote a similar story to that of Anita blake about 3 years ago, before I even knew of the series, now that I've read it it seems impossible to continue with mine as they are very, very similar.

I love playing Vampire: The Masquerade, sit-down game or the PC version

I also have a facination with frogs (Dont know why, my fiance is the one with the PENGUIN collection)

I love making Icons and banners, which brings me to my first question to the mod: would it be ok to post Anita Blake icons in here?


What other good vampire books are out there?
well enough babbling, Im glad I found this place.
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